My sons fav thing to do in holiidays is play with h is friends but beside that he loves to are some of his superactive moments exploring the childrens library while enjoying the cities views. What amazes me is hes just 2 and his curiousity to learn just doesnt seem to end. The other day I got him a firemen had all these complicated pipes and things they use to remove a fire and he was able to just identify the same objects immediately...! I was surprised. I guess his self interest in books and reading is fab, he loves andknows colours and triangles already! So I just would be happy that continues!

Zuhair Murad never ceases to amaze me. His collection is spectacular and I espiecally love the colours that hes used in the dress scheme. A little of floral, glitter and neutral shades hes made this amazing resort collection. So finally guys the big reveal is here. We took a cruise to ESTONIA! I must say theres no much promotion for these beautiful places . I must admit it looked better than Prague even and such beautiful locales and so much to see and relax.  The best part was my son had  a blast on the cruise...they had parties, puppet shows and events for the kids. So he had a blast and so it was really good. I have to load the Italy pics too! So I am lagging behind... :p In time...Just need to sort the pics...This has been the holiday season I love JULY!

Even though summer has arrived. The rain gave way for the sunny days. But sweden for this first time went to 30 c almost and this has never happened. It was so hot the fans were not enough and generally they are! Oh gosh! It was so very crazy! The good thing was a chance to wear everything in my wardrobe I had bought son had a blast playing in the park and exploring the city and having his favorite ice cream. Along the way I camea cross these gorgeous roses all across near my place and they were reand light pink and I was so tempted to pick them up! But I didnt. I was so proud to see people not touch them. They looked beautiful on the trees the way it should be. 
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